This is just an out of date collection of the stuff I've built. I like to build things. Click on the title of the project to check it out and you can find all the repos at my github. For some of my more recent work, please email me at:

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A marketing and contact management tool for personal instructors. All-in-one management for everyone from yoga instructors to butcher teachers!

ReactJS, RefluxJS (Flux), Ruby on Rails
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The Feed

Information that's around you, relevant to you, and directly impacts you. This started as a weekend project, it is still currently in the works.

ReactJS, RefluxJS (Flux), Ruby on Rails
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A social media link aggregator for you to discover, bookmark and share the web with the world!

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AJAX
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A movie review app where users can post and review movies

Ruby on Rails
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Command Academy

A fun interactive tutorial that teaches UNIX commands

Ruby Sinatra, JavaScript, AJAX
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My Canadian Lifestyle

My entry for the CODE2015 National Hackathon. {We made Top 15 and competed in the finals in Toronto}

HTML/CSS, jQuery
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Retro Rocket

An 8 bit JavaScript game {throwback}

JavaScript, jQuery
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Oybek Makhasher

A professional website for a local Vancouver chef {and a bro}

HTML/CSS, jQuery